Some of the services provided NIACO :

Niaco company relying on the ability of professionals and with research, analysis and viewing domestic and foreign markets, is ready to offer the following products to your loved ones:

• A variety of server, Super Server, Storage Server and GPU Servers
• Types ups in a variety of industrial, semi-industrial and domestic
• Zero client and thin client
• All passive network equipment
• A variety of wall rack and stand
• All equipment required for Active Network
• A variety of switches and routers
• types of telecommunication equipment and PBX
• Types of CCTV & Software

 • guyed towers and static

Some of the services offered by our consulting team:

* Consultancy in the areas listed according to the needs of the employer and the latest technology in the world
* Design and document through simulation software
* Offer specific and comprehensive proposals in the areas of installation, setup and support

* Provides the latest modern techniques to improve tradeSome Projects

1. The technical experts support the company's computer network (depending on steel projects)
2. The implementation of server and Kablyng IRIB (TV research unit)
3. The computer network support company mercury resins (resin manufacturing plant)
4. Projects legrand cabling financial unit Amir Kabir Petrochemical Company in Bandar Imam
5. The computer network support company Millennium (municipal and mass construction contractor)
6. supply network Bamgah beach in Bandar Abbas (massive construction)
7. PC maintenance and surveillance EPA country
8. Support Network Electronics Co. Sirjan (a subsidiary of Pars Electric)
9. equipment ( instruments ) Cement ARDESTAN
10. The equipment (instrument) Industrial Group Co. and inorganic cement trade Neyriz
11. Water supply network and facing the aluminum industry
12. Water supply network Cellulose Industry Ynaz
13 Aluminum Industry Company network equipment Abaskun
14. Water supply network free of birds
15. Collaboration with the University of Imam Jawad (AS), the University of Imam Hussein (AS) and to provide the required equipment

16. The supply, installation and commissioning of engineering software and analytical Lar Consulting Engineers 17.  Supply of bed and Hardware Virtualization Sarmad insurance company ( bank )

niaco Product Warranty:

All electronic equipment offered by the company include 1 year warranty and 5 years of service after the sale.