About NIACO Atlas Qeshm Company

NIACO ATLAS QESHM Co.,Ltd has been founded at Jan 2011 with registration No 3660 base on IRAN Trading and commerce rules to support the whole country and expand our services by establishment Assembling product line in the Qeshm Island factory yard at 2013 to achieve lunch our first product Intel Base mini PC (4th Gen, U Series) then after continued our services to register new brand of NIACO at 2015 for  achieving  7th Gen Intel U Series NIACO at 2016 so with efficient and modern management over 8 years’ experience in Hard ware Science and marketing, as well as strong series of famous international manufacturers, we are now One of the most specialized centers and well known reputable for the supply of Electronic products And services in the country with the plan to find out the new export Markets to expand our services internationally.

Our main activity proudly is hard ware support and technical solution equipment for different industries. Organization, home user, Etc. in 7 categories:
1-Ziro client (Hard ware and Virtualization project solutions)
2- Thin client 
3-mini PC
4-Industrial PC
5-Computer accessories (SSD Memories-Ram Memories-Wi-Fi Module, …)
6-Design and specialized electronically products 
7-Smart automation for home, industries, Etc.